What is Sedation Dentistry?

Conquer Dental Anxiety In Boulder

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Sedation dentistry is a conscious sedation, which means that you aren’t given general anesthetics. Muscle relaxants are administered orally, which put you into a relaxed state. Freed from worry, discomfort, pain, and anxiety, you will have a remarkably relaxing and comfortable experience when you receive dental procedures while under conscious sedation. You may get in a good nap during the procedure, since the sedatives can make you sleepy. Conscious sedation is often called sleep dentistry, but whether you’re awake or asleep you won’t notice any discomfort. Boulder sedation dentist Dr. Gordon West can perform the dental procedures you need carefully and accurately, while you relax in comfort.

Dr. West’s dental practice in Lafayette CO employs unique calming techniques to help patients with varying levels of dental anxiety. He and his staff use music, acupressure, and specialized conscious sedation medications to make your visit comfortable and worry free.

Sedation dentistry is customized to your medical history and your level of dental anxiety. Dr. West’s patients with milder dental anxiety will find acupressure and music to be sufficiently calming and relaxing for short procedures. Patients with higher levels of dental anxiety, or patients who will undergo longer procedures, will benefit from oral conscious sedation medication (known as sedatives).

If your sedation dentist determines that conscious sedation is needed, sedatives will usually be administered orally in a pill form. The sedative medications used by Dr. West in Boulder Colorado are Benzodiazepine drugs such as Triazolam or Diazepam (also known as Valium).

Conscious Sedation / Sleep Dentistry Will Help You:

  • Feel relaxed and comfortable
  • Get the dental treatment you need for a healthy smile
  • You may forget most of the visit (mild amnesia effect)
  • Prevent nightmares about dental procedures
  • Minimize time spent at the dentist, by allowing the dentist to do multiple procedures at once
  • Prevent tension, headaches, and muscle soreness associated with dental treatment

Dr. Gordon West and his caring staff in Lafayette CO provide state-of-the-art dental services for patients in the Boulder area. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry (also known as sleep dentistry), and occlusions. Call Dr. West today at the number above or fill out the form at the right of this page. Discover the difference conscious sedation can make for your smile and your comfort.